Lunar Crater & ProjectFaultless

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Camo Dudes
EG&G Security (Camo Dudes) on hill above Area51 'Front Gate.

Survellance Camera
Surveillance Camera on opposite hill above 'Front Gate'.

Lunar Crater #1
Lunar Crater looking West from Eastern Rim.

Lunar Crater#2
Lunar Crater looking North from Southern Rim.

Lunar Crater#3
  Lunar Crater lookng South from North Rim.

Warning #1
Warning sign on fenced off area SE of Project Faultless Ground Zero. Area is about 1/2 acre area 15~20 foot deep. Either excavated or sunken....was hard to tell.

 Monitoring equipment in fenced in area in previous photo. Wonder what's being monitored?
Oil contaminated soil perhaps and not Radiation?

Warning #2
 Warning signs by old Well Head or Drill hole.

Monitoring Equipment about 450 meters NE of Ground Zero. Obviously very new, it is located in middle of about a 1 acre freshly excavated area.

Side view of new monitoring equipment showing freshly poured cement slab.

Other side of equipment. Note how new it appears. Wonder what it's monitoring? Radiation? I didn't stay long.

My Garmin G-18(on my laptop) showing exact location of new monitoring equipment and location w/respect to Project  Faultless Ground Zero.

Ground Zero
Project Faultless Ground Zero.

Wild Mustangs next to Hwy 6 between Hwy 375 intersection and Tonopah.

When traveling in this and other desert areas remember it is Open Range. This means exactly that: No Fences so cattle, deer, horses and other animals cross the road constantly. BE CAREFUL!!

This whole area is loaded with beautiful and interesting sites. Travel is via well maintained roads but due caution should always be exercised when traveling in the desert. I took about 10 gallons of water with me and some high protein bars as well.

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